Providing disadvantaged and at-risk youth the opportunity to participate in skateboarding, surfing and camping in an effort to promote a more active lifestyle and encourage positive choices. By teaming with peer/mentors that share our values of kindness, compassion and acceptance we strive to instill confidence in those we serve so that they can overcome personal barriers regardless of their economic, social or mental health status.

Who are we?

We are a diverse group of skaters, surfers, musicians, artists and nature enthusiasts that are unified in our dedication and desire to improve the lives of others in our community through practices of kindness, compassion and acceptance.

What do we do?

We facilitate activities such as skateboarding, surfing and camping for disadvantaged and at risk youth with the goal of empowering them to develop the life skills necessary for success

By engaging with these young people on a personal level and interacting with them both as peers and mentors, Rollin’ From The Heart strives to give them the confidence to believe in themselves and help them discover their own unique passions and identities. 



Where do these activities and events take place?

We bring it to them! Our events take place at Residential Youth Shelters, Recreational Youth Centers, Homeless Shelters, Group Homes and Schools, and we use our beautiful Southern California Beaches for our surfing activities.

How do we accomplish our mission?

We encourage participants to engage in activities that many of them have not had the opportunity or equipment to participate in.

We focus on personal, one-on-one interactions in which the caring volunteers of Rollin’ From The Heart can participate alongside the kids and share their own life experiences and passions both as mentors, peers, and friends in a real, engaging and fun way that many of these individuals seldom experience.