Improving the lives of disadvantaged and at-risk youth and young adults by providing them the opportunity to participate in skateboarding, surfing and camping in an effort to promote less sedentary, more active life styles and make positive life choices. Teaming them with peer/mentors that share the values of kindness, compassion and acceptance; we strive to instill confidence in those we serve to overcome barriers regardless of their economic, social or mental health status.

Who are we?

We are a diverse group that includes skaters, surfers, musicians, artists, nature enthusiast, students and people of all ages and all walks of life. Basically, we have come together with an open heart, a desire to give back to our community and say through our actions, “I CARE”.

What makes Rollin’ From The Heart Foundation different starts with the group of dedicated and loving volunteers the organization works with, and carries through by never losing focus of their core philosophy and mission; helping to improve the lives of others in the community through kindness, compassion and acceptance.

What do we do?

We provide disadvantaged and at risk children and young adults the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun activities they may not have access to including skateboarding and surfing. We are also working to integrate camping and hiking into our programs.

Rollin’ From The Heart Foundation seeks to empower these children and young adults by providing them opportunities to develop the life skills necessary for success. Focus, dedication, discipline and fortitude, to overcome obstacles, are attributes we strive to encourage.

Our goal is to facilitate the development of healthy and active lifestyles while providing a physical outlet for anxiety and stress that many of these young people face.

By engaging with these young people on a personal level and interacting with them both as peers and mentors, Rollin’ From The Heart is striving to give them the confidence to believe in themselves and help them discover their own unique passions and identities.



Where do these activities and events take place?

We bring it to them! Our events take place at Residential Youth Shelters, Recreational Youth Centers, Homeless Shelters, Group Homes and Schools. We use our beautiful Southern California Beaches for our surfing activities.

When do we hold these events?

We work with each Facility and their Staff Members on an individual basis. Our activities and events must be appropriately worked into the programming for the population that is being served.

How do we accomplish our mission?

Rollin’ From The Heart encourages participants to engage in activities that many of them have not had the opportunity or equipment to participate in. Using this one-on-one peer/mentor interaction we strive to teach by example. The caring volunteers of Rollin’ From The Heart are there to share their own life experiences and passions with these young people and express themselves, both as mentors, peers, and friends in a real, engaging and fun way that many of these individuals seldom experience.

Each participant at our skate events is given the opportunity to build their own skateboard. They also receive a helmet and complete set of pads for protection. All this equipment is theirs for the keeping if they so chose. Our volunteers build a professional, portable skate park that can include quarter pipe ramps, grind boxes and rails. This mini-park is left, as a gift from Rollin’ From The Heart Foundation, at the facility so that that the kids have a place to skate and recreate. The surfing takes place at local beaches that are convenient for the group we are serving to get to. There we provide, surfboards and boogie-boards as well as instructors for one on one lessons.



Ian Poods Barry

Was a kid that was in constant motion whether it was skating, surfing, hiking, camping and in the last few years building and riding vintage Harleys. These were just a few of the ways he always kept “Rollin”. Ian was intense about his passions and focused his energy on doing the things he loved to do. Ian competitively surfed while in junior high and high school. He claimed 2nd place at the National Scholastic Surfing Association championships when he was 14. Ian started skateboarding when he was in 2nd grade. He bought his first board at a garage sale for three bucks. Ian was relentless when it came to learning new tricks. He continued to skate throughout his life. Ian worked at the Encinitas YMCA as a skateboard instructor where he loved teaching kids how to skate. In his last few years, he worked at Brixton where he developed many wonderful friendships and truly felt a part of the Brixton family.

More importantly Ian made people that he came to know feel like their “best friend”. He had a quiet, humble, disarming charm combined with an attitude of accepting everyone for exactly who they were without judgment. He truly made you feel better when you were around him. We think his personal struggles simply made him more compassionate and accepting. Ian always tried to see the good in people but never understood acts of unkindness. An enduring image of Ian for all those who knew him was his hint of a smile and flash of the peace sign.

"A love for choppers, his 1969 Iron Head, surfing, skateboarding and most importantly friends made him one of the best dudes I knew. If it was the hard way, it was his way." His OCD, little quirks, fear of driving cars and disdain for condiments, though would sound like negative attributes, were what made up his charm. All the weird things, from collecting nuts and bolts to bikes he had yet to own, to carrying around crumpled up pictures of Gen-Shovels from years past, his little shuffle dance he would do whenever he got excited, the suede vest, boots, the large brimmed hat, the massive amounts of Murrays pomade enveloping his curly hair and his shades resting lightly above his head were just a few of the things that made Poods, unmistakably “Poods”. The 90s baby with an old soul made a deep impact on that many lives that surrounded him in his 22 short years on this earth. May he rest in peace. Chopper Love." - Jay Lee




Our board is comprised of an incredibly caring group of extremely talented and varied individuals that bonded together through the loss of Ian “Poods” Barry. Their vision is to create an organization that through a variety of action sports such as skateboarding, surfing and camping that compels young adults and children to live more kind, compassionate, loving, healthy and active lives. Developing a core group of mentors that share their time, skills, life experience and knowledge by engaging participants to get outdoors, be active and have fun as an alternative to unhealthy or negative behaviors.

Peter Stoddard is the Product Design Manager of Brixton . Brixton is an Oceanside-based apparel and accessories company that was started in 2004. As Product Design Manager, Peter not only drives product development , but also leads the company vision along side of his brother David Stoddard. Prior to his time at Brixton, Peter spent many years as Owner Operator of Onsight Auto reconditioning based in San Diego. In between work and raising two beautiful kids, Pete still loves to surf, ride his vintage Harley and road trip and camp with his friends. Peter along with his twin brother David still dream of bringing the band back together.

Chris Strickland Chris works in music licensing and publishing in Los Angeles & is a business partner in two local Encinitas establishments. Before working in licensing & music placement, he was a booking agent and west coast talent buyer for several music venues. Chris coaches soccer and can be seen out on the pitch practicing a few days a week as he continues his love for the game.

Mike Chapin is the CFO and co-founder of Brixton . Brixton is an Oceanside-based apparel and accessories company that was started in 2004. Prior to his time at Brixton, Mike worked for various media companies (Petersen, EMAP, Primedia, TransWorld Media and Wasserman Media). An MBA, Mike has a background that includes sales, marketing, finance and acquisitions. When Mike isn’t working you can find him prowling the beaches of Venture for surf or pursuing his love of music and art in L.A.

Oly Norris is a full time teacher at San Dieguito Academy. He has acted in various coaching capacities as Varsity Surf Coach and was instrumental in developing both the skate P.E. and Surf P.E. programs at the Academy as well as numerous after school volunteer programs. Oly is a lifelong surf and skate boarder who has traveled the world pursuing his passion. In his spare time he is a devoted husband and father of two budding surf/skate prodigies.

Patrick Dempsey owned and operated his own health and fitness business for over 30 years. Since 2008, Patrick has been a trustee of the William Gumpert Foundation; a group that helps support numerous non-profit organizations through the Gumpert Charitable Trust. He has been a member of San Diego Social Venture Partners for four years and among other roles, acted as liaison between SVP and the local San Diego charity “A Reason To Survive”. Patrick lives in Cardiff, California he is the father of an adult son as well as an active surfer and a Pilates guru.

John Barry John Barry is the father of Ian “Poods” & Kiva Barry and co-founder of Rollin’ From The Heart.  He currently serves as Executive Director of the organization. John works in the Solar Industry. John is an avid runner, cyclist, hiker and fisherman who also loves the great outdoors.

Alison Brown is the mother of Ian “Poods” & Kiva Barry and co-founder of Rollin’ From The Heart. Alison is currently an Older Adult Wellness Specialist with a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education. She is an Entrepreneur that has owned a successful home accessory manufacturing company and worked for various companies in a consulting capacity bringing her organizational skills and creative vision. Alison is a runner, biker, hiker and lover of all things outdoors.

Kiva Brown Barry is the sister of Ian “Poods” Barry and helped establish the Rollin’ From The Heart Foundation. She is currently a student in The School of Peace and Conflict Studies at U.C. Berkeley. Kiva loves the great outdoors and is always up for an adventure, travel or hiking. Her love of music constantly has her in search of the next cool artist, concert or musical festival. She stays fit running, practicing Yoga and hiking. Kiva brings great insight to the organization through here connection with current culture and vision of how to serve the community.

David Stoddard is the Brand Manager and co-founder of Brixton. Brixton is an Oceanside-based apparel and accessories company that was started in 2004. As Brand Manager, David not only drives product development and marketing, but also leads the overall company vision. Prior to his time at Brixton, David spent many years a salesperson for TransWorld Media in Oceanside. David along with brother Peter is a surfer, skater gone to seed, vintage motorcycle and auto enthusiast as well as a recovering rock star.