Rollin’ From the Heart turns Monarch into a skatepark on a regular basis and our students love it. If skateboarding wasn’t engaging enough you should see the confidence that shines from our students when they learn to drop in on a ramp. Rollin From the Heart has amazing volunteers who make this happen. They are a positive group of skateboarders who coach and have positive interactions with the kids. They bring all of the equipment including skateboards, protective gear and ramps.
— Joe Wiseman - Principal, Monarch School
After we got skateboards, I kept practicing. The other day I dropped in for the first time. It was cool.
— Javier, 5th Grade Student
I would like to say thank you very much for coming out to spread the love and being here with us. I feel that I have enjoyed the skateboarding a lot. I think there should be more getting to know each other while skating together. We are beginners at skating. I made it far practicing and I appreciate you all so much. I love it all! I know I am always excited when I know that you guys are coming.
— Casa de Amparo Child
Rollin’ From The Heart was an amazing organization to work with. Bringing so many amazing volunteers helped make the event a huge success. Our students could see that the entire Rollin’ From The Heart team, not only held a huge passion for skating, but also for making the world a better place. They took care of every detail from providing the boards, helmets, pads, lunch and even left behind ramps and rails for our students to skate on throughout the year. Our students are looking forward to having them come back again as it was one of the high lights of our summer.
— Katie Bradel, Volunteer Coordinator
The skateboarding was really fun. I liked learning it.
— Katie, 5th Grade Student
Thank you guys so much for everything. If you guys never came I don’t think I would have still been trying to learn how to skate. Now, I want to try so you guys come back I could show you up! J Just kidding. But thank you so much for volunteering your time. Hope to see you soon.
— Casa de Amparo Child
The time shared between the participants of Rollin’ From the Heart and the Casa Kids brought each other together in a way that was special to me; and one rarely seen before. The connection was evident as one marginalized group shared with another, skate boarders and foster youth; experiences shared were pure joy and the ability to have fun in your own shoes….not those you are expected to be in (wear).
— James Whittenburge, Casa de Amparo Employee
I liked when they gave us the skateboard and helped us. I liked it that they cared.
— Josh, 6th Grade Student
Rollin’ From the Heart kept all of the kids engaged. There was something for everyone, whether they were building a board, watching the skaters do tricks, or practicing their own skills. After an hour, kids who had never been on a skateboard before were already testing their skills out on the ramps. I enjoyed seeing the kids develop their confidence in a short period of time.
— Celeste Lampro, Casa de Amparo Employee
One of the beautiful things was that Rolling from the Heart brought young, talented people who love the sport of skateboarding to inspire the kids. They went above and beyond in making our students feel valued and cared for.
— Karen Daley, 6th Grade Teacher Monarch School
I wanted to reach out and thank you both again for putting together a great event for our Casa Kids last weekend! We’ve been getting amazing feedback from our staff and residents who participated – everyone had such a great time.
— Erin Harmonson, Casa de Amparo Employee