When Ian “Poods” Barry accidentally passed on September 27, 2012 many of his friends, family members and acquaintances were left with one huge question. How did such a quiet, shy, simple guy who struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anxiety inspire so many people to spread more love, kindness, compassion and acceptance? Ian had a unique personality. He always did his own thing, in his own way and in his own time. He was born and raised in Encinitas, California by his parents John and Alison. The family expanded to four when his sister Kiva arrived when he was two. Ian attended Park Dale Lane Elementary School, Dieguino Middle School, San Dieguito High School Academy and Mira Costa College.

Throughout Ian’s life he never let his mental health issues be an excuse for anything and he rarely talked about it. It was his desire to just “Keep on going”. Skating, surfing, and building and riding his custom vintage Harley became healthy outlets for his OCD and anxiety. These activities helped him to stay in the moment, which we believe was his form of moving meditation. In the last few years, his intense love of nature and being outdoors, especially sleeping under the stars, combined with camping and motorcycle trips with his friends were some of the things he did to quiet his mind and find his inner peace. Ian used to say, “Less technology, more nature.”

We were so moved by the incredible outpouring of love and compassion from Ian’s friends and people he hardly knew that we were compelled to start Rollin’ From The Heart. Many people were inspired to be kinder to others and were moved to give back in some way. By combining Ian’s passion of skating, surfing and his love of nature we created this living memorial in honor of his spirit.